Transform Point

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Transform Point

▶Transform Point

  • Transform point is piled when registering the transformation card. you can obtain the additional benefit depending on point amounts.
  • Transform Point.png

    ▶Additional benefit of each point section

    Point Buff Benefits
    10~30P Points Buff_1 Max HP +15
    31~60P Points Buff_2 Max HP +30
    61~90P Points Buff_3 Max HP +100, MP Regeneration +1
    91~130P Points Buff_4 Max HP +120, MP Regeneration +1
    131~170P Points Buff_5 Max HP +120, MP Regeneration +2, Magic Defense +2
    171~210P Points Buff_6 Max HP +130, MP Regeneration +2, Magic Defense +4, Defense +1
  • The transform point is added when registering the transformation card.
  • There are buffs depending on transform point amounts. Maximum buff grade is 6.
  • The buff effect is changed into next buff effect immediately when entering next level.
  • The highest buff effect is applied.
  • This buff is not removed cause of death, cancellation skill, remove button.
  • The buff is applied after entering the game, and no time limit.

  • ▶Obtainable transformation card via hunting monsters

    Transformation card Obtainable Area Drop Monster Points
    Merman Merman Encampment Merman, Aqua Merman Elder, Aqua Merman Warrior 1
    Gnoll Plain, Basin of Dusk Gnoll, Gnoll Archer, Gnoll Warrior, Gnoll Great Warrior 1
    Gnoll Archer Gnoll Archer 1
    Werewolf Werewolf Encampment Werewolf, Werewolf Warrior, Werewolf Berserker 2
    Eagler Plain of Wind Eagler, Eagler Archer, Eagler Warrior, Eagler Elder 2
    Eagler Archer Eagler Archer, Eagler Elder 2
    Ogre Hill of Abundance Ogre 2
    Bugbear Bugbear 2
    Catshoe Catshoe 2
    Skeleton Unknown Forest Skeleton, Skeleton Archer 2
    Pagan Temple Cursed Skeleton Archer, Cursed Skeleton 2
    Succubus Pagan Temple Succubus 3
    Cocoon Orc Cocoon Orc Encampment Cocoon Orc, Cocoon Orc Archer, Cocoon Orc Warrior, Cocoon Orc Berserker 3
    Lizardman Lizardman Encampment Lizardman, Lizardman Sentry, Lizardman Axeman, Lizardman Warrior, Lizardman High Priest 3
    Lionman Warrior Lionman Encampment Lionman Warrior, Lionman Archer, Lionman Shaman 3
    Harpy Valley of Death Harpy 3
    Toad Warrior Illusion Lake Toad Warrior, Toad Archer, Toad Magician, Huge Toad Warrior, Huge Toad Archer, Huge Toad Magician 3
    Cursed Busker Cursed Graveyard Cursed Busker 3
    Nox Pagan Temple Nox 4
    Malay Cocoon Orc Encampment Malay 4
    Rakku Werewolf Encampment Rakku 4
    Shuriel Wind Elemental Tower Infuriated Shuriel 4
    Sharkman Warrior Water Elemental Tower Sharkman Warrior 4
    Sharkman Sentry Water Elemental Tower Sharkman Sentry 4

    ▶Obtainable transformation card via Transformation Card Merge

    Transformation Card Points Transformation Card Points
    Crown Slime 1 Hobgoblin Warrior 3
    Kobold Lookout 1 Hobgoblin Shaman 3
    Kobold Thief 1 Cocoon Orc Warrior 3
    Goblin Warrior 1 Cocoon Orc Archer 3
    Goblin Elder 1 Cocoon Orc Berserker 3
    Merman Elder 1 Lizardman Warrior 3
    Merman Warrior 1 Lizardman High Priest 3
    Gnoll Warrior 1 Toad Archer 3
    Gnoll Great Warrior 1 Toad Magician 3
    Chameleon 1 Satyr 3
    Eagler Elder 2 Dark Elf 3
    Eagler Warrior 2 Exitium 4
    Gremlin Berserker 2 Curro 4
    Gremlin Crossbowman 2 Kakku 4
    Gremlin Bomber 2 Prigus 4
    Gremlin Knight 2 Ventus 4
    Werewolf Warrior 2 Temetum 4
    Werewolf Berserker 2 Nox 4
    Hobgoblin Thief 3 Shadow Pierce 4
    Pinaell 4 Dark Pinaell 5
    Ador 4 Ador of Abyss 5
    Sparrow 4 Sparrow of Outlaw 5
    Aisha 4 Charming Aisha 5
    Lukard 4 Lukard of Assassination 5
    Lukia 4 Scarlet Lukia 5
    Eirin 4 Eirin of the Spirit 5