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▶ Glove

  • Gloves have options of Defense and Accuracy.
  • Image Grade Item Name Class Defense Effect Crafting Enchant Information
    31Leather Glove.png F Leather Glove ALL 0 Additional Defenses from All Monsters +1 - Information
    32Chain Glove.png E Chain Glove ALL 1 Additional Defenses from All Monsters +1, Accuracy +1 Available Information
    33Glove of Dark Knight.png C Glove of Dark Knight ALL 4 Accuracy +2
    Set Effect (Max HP +100, HP Regeneration+2, MP Regeneration +2, Accuracy+5, Defense +10, Magic Defense +10)
    Available Information
    34Glove of Beast.png D Glove of Beast ALL 4 Accuracy +2 Available Information
    35Glove of Brute Strength.png C Glove of Brute Strength ALL 4 Strength +2, Accuracy +2 Available Information
    36Glove of Wind Elemental.png C Glove of Wind Elemental Warrior
    4 Accuracy +8, Wind Attribute Resistance +10
    Set Effect (Accuracy +10, Defense +8
    MP Regeneration +5, Max HP +50,Max MP+25, Magic Defense +10)
    Available Information
    38Glove of Destruction.png C Glove of Destruction ALL 6 Accuracy +4 Available Information
    39Glove of Flame Beast.png C Glove of Flame Beast ALL 6 Accuracy +5, Fire Attribute Resistance +10 Available Information

  • How to get the item: Shortcut
  • ※ Some item information may change depending on the update of the game.