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Premium Buff

Premium Buff Contents
Buff1.pngDK Nobless 1000 ~ 2000 Additional Weight

Provide EXP between 10 and 20%
Increase HP/MP between 50 and 150
Increase Attack between 1 and 2
Can be used with PC cafe buff and Dione's blessing

This Buff can be purchased at DK Shop.
Buff2.pngBlessing of Dione "Increase EXP+20%

All Stats+1
Provide 5 premium points for every 15 min
PC cafe event participation possible (ex: All DK event)
Additional benefits when using with the PC cafe buff and Nobless buff

This Buff can be purchased at DK Shop."

Buff1.png White-arrow-png-41968 (2) (1).png Buff4.png

  • DK Nobless will develop step by step because of the overlapping effect which used with DK Nobless and Dione's blessing.
    In addition, this effect is only displayed on the part of Nobless, and it has 1 to 2 steps.
  • You can check the buff below the premium point on the top right of the screen.

    Premium Buff Contents
    DK Nobless Tier 2
    DK Nobless + Blessing of Dione
    Weight +1500
    EXP +25%Max
    HP/MP +70
    All Attack+1
    Provide 5 premium points for every 15 minPC cafe event participation possible

  • When each buff is overlapping, stats or regeneration rate will be increased.
  • You can use different effects for each buff. The additional amount of EXP is increased !!!


    Stat is +1 due to Blessing of Dione buff effect !!!