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▶What is Guild?

  • A guild is a collective group in which players with the same thoughts gather together and act together to achieve their goal.
  • As the guild level goes up, you can enjoy various benefits.

  • ▶Requirements for Establishing a Guild

  • You can create a guild from a guild manager in the town.
  • All classes who are levels of 10 or above can create a guild.
  • 10,000 florins are required to create a guild.
  • Guild names can be up to 16 characters in English combination, and blank/special characters/numbers cannot be entered.

  • ▶How to create a guild

  • Find and talk with the Guild NPC in the town.
  • Guild1.png

  • Check the requirements for establishing a guild and enter the guild name.
  • Guild2.png

  • Enter the guild name and click the Confirm button.
  • Guild3.png

  • Guild creation completed.
  • Guild4.png

    ▶Guild level and benefits

    Guild Level Required Guild Fame Capacity Benefits
    LV 1 - 10 Guild Skill: Defense Master I
    LV 2 100 20 Guild Skill: Offense Master I
    LV 3 500 30 Register guild mark
    Declare Guild Wars
    Guild Skill: Research Magic
    LV 4 2,000 40 Guild Skill: Marking , Build Camp
    The siege participation & Authority of marking
    Authority of Join the alliance
    LV 5 5,000 50 Authority of creating the alliance
    Registration of the alliance heraldry
    LV 6 100,000 60 Guild Skill: Defense Master II
    Authority of Guild Memory (Link: Memory)
  • To increase your guild level, you must increase your guild fame points by consuming the fame of your guild.

  • ▶How to get Guild Fame Points?

  • Converts the character's personal fame points to guild fame points.
  • 100 points of personal fame points will be converted to a guild fame points.

  • ▶Guild Management

  • Guild members can only set permissions according to their rank.
  • You can appoint up to 3 people in total as Vice Guild Masters.
  • The authority of 'change of position' can only be granted by the guild leader and authorized guild.

  • ▶Guild Title and Guild Personal Title

  • Guild level 3 or higher guilds can set a guild title and guild private titles, and you can assign members to title setting authority.
  • Guild title is applied to all guild members uniformly.
  • Guild private title is a title that can be assigned to individual guild members rather than the whole guild members.
  • ※ Private title: If a character who is not in the guild is level 40 or higher, a private title can be set.

    ▶/privatetitle 'desired title name'

  • When applying a guild title, private titles and guild personal titles set by an individual are not applicable.
  • The title can be up to 16 characters and can be mixed with spaces/symbols/ English.
  • There is a waiting time of 5 minutes after releasing the title and re-registering.

  • ▶Guild Master Delegation

  • You can delegate the guild master by right-clicking on the character.
  • You can only delegate to level 10 or higher guild members.
  • Guild in war can not delegate the guild master.
  • Guild master belonging to the alliance can not delegate.
  • A character who has been delegated to the guild master cannot refuse delegation.
  • Guild5.png

    ▶Disband the Guild

  • The disbanding guild can only be applied by a guild master through guild manager NPC.
  • You can not disband a guild if you have only one guild member.
  • If there are items in the guild storehouse, you can not disband the guild.
  • During the guild war, you cannot disband the guild.
  • You can not dismiss the guild while applying for a siege.
  • A guild that owns a castle or a safe house cannot be disbanded.
  • If you belong to a large group of alliances and associations, you can disband your guild after you leave the group.
  • Once the guild has been disbanded, the "Guild Name" can be used again.

  • ▶Leave Guild

  • Guild master cannot leave the guild and only guild members can quit the guild.
  • Guild skill will be deleted if you leave the guild or be expelled.
  • There is a waiting time of 4 hours when re-joining the guild after withdrawal.

  • ▶ Guild Expulsion

  • Guild members can be expelled regardless of whether or not they are connecting.
  • Guild members who are equal positions and top positions cannot be dismissed.
  • Guild master cannot leave the guild or be expelled.
  • Excluded guild members cannot join a guild for 8 hours.