Guild War

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Guild War

▶What is Guild War?

  • It is the official war system between guild and guild.
  • It is a victorious war system if you reduce all war points of your opponent guild through battle.
  • War results are released to all players through system announcements.
  • If you are in a war, you can check the status of war points with your opponent guilds.

  • ▶Rules of the Guild War

  • When a guild member who is in wars is selected, the mouse pointer is automatically "Battle" and can attack.
  • At the beginning of the war, 500 guild points will be awarded to each guild.
  • A defeated guild is deducted 10% of the guild's reputation.

  • ▶Victory Conditions of the Guild War

    Win Lose Draw
    Opponent Guild Battle Point 0 Belonging Guild Battle Point 0 When Battle Points ended in a tie (standard of 00:00 every Saturday)
    Surrender of Opponent Guild Surrender of Belonging Guild Agreement of declaration of the end

    ▶War point

  • If you kill an opponent guild master, your opponent's guild will reduce 50 war points.
  • If you kill opponent guild members, the opponent guild will lose 5 war points.
  • War points can be reduced, do not increase.

    ▶Declaration of the End of the War

  • The master who wants to end the war can apply for the declaration of the end. (Only apply if the opponent master is in the game)
  • When the opponent master accepts the declaration of the end of the war, the war is over and the win or lose is decided by a draw.
  • You can apply up to three times a week.
  • If your opponent declines, your the declaration of the end will be canceled.

  • ▶Surrender

  • Whether or not the surrender during the war can be decided by the guild master who wants to surrender.
  • A surrendered guild is considered a defeat and 10% of the guild's reputation is deducted.
  • The number of surrenders is limited to three times per week for each guild (Reset every Monday at 0:00)

  • ▶Notes

  • You can not declare war (or receiving the war) to the third guild while you are conducting guild war.
  • The guild war is only on weekdays.
  • You need 24 hours of standby time to declare war again to the same guild.
  • When a character dies due to mutual attacks during guild war, a penalty is applied.
  • Penalty Battle Server Normal Server
    EXP Decrease Decrease
    Item Drop Disappear