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▶ What is Disintegrate?

  • Disintegrate is a system to disassemble equipment (weapons, armor) obtained through monster hunting or crafting. You can disassemble unnecessary items to get useful items in the game.
  • If you disassemble the item, you can acquire additional item besides the items that are provided basically.

  • ▶ How to disintegrate?

  • Disintegrate window is activated by using solvent item.
  • Disintegrate1.png

  • Register the item to be disassembled.
  • Disintegrate2.png

  • Start disintegrate.
  • Disintergrate3.png

  • We acquire disassembled items.
  • Disintergrate4.png

    ▶ Notes

  • Disintegrate is only possible with equipment items.
  • Crystals are paid when disintegrating and additional reward items can be earned at random.
  • Reward items differ depending on the equipment grade and enchant value to be disassembled.
  • Disintegrate is 100% successful without fail.
  • Weight gauge 10% (or above) and 3 slots(or above) are required.
  • Item cannot be recovered when disassembled.