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▶ Boots

  • Boots have some items with defense and movement speed options.
  • Image Grade Item Name Class Defense Effect Crafting Enchant Information
    Leather Boots(1).jpg F Leather Boots ALL 0 Additional Defenses from All Monsters +1 - Information
    Chain Boots(2).jpg E Chain Boots ALL 1 Additional Defenses from All Monsters +1 Available Information
    Boots of Dark Knight(3).jpg C Boots of Dark Knight ALL 5 Set Effect (Max HP +100, HP Regeneration+2, MP Regeneration +2, Accuracy+5, Defense +10, Magic Defense +10) Available Information
    Rakku's Boots(4).jpg D Rakku's Boots ALL 5 Critical +1 - Information
    Boots of Wind(5).jpg C Boots of Wind ALL 5 Agility +2, Available teleport scroll in the Elemental Tower
    Set Effect (Accuracy +10,Defense +8, MP Regeneration +5, Max HP +50, Max MP+25, Magic Defense +10)
    Available Information
    Boots of Breeze(7).jpg C Boots of Breeze Sorceress
    5 Movement Speed +10 Available Information
    Boots of Abyss(9).jpg C Boots of Abyss Sorceress
    5 Intelligence +1,Water Attribute Resistance +14, Available teleport scroll in the Elemental Tower
    Set Effect (Defense +5, Magic Attack +1, SP +5, Max HP +20, Max MP+20, MP Regeneration +5, Increasing Casting Speed)
    Available Information
    Boots of Beast(10).jpg D Boots of Beast ALL 6 Additional Defenses from Beast Monsters +1 - Information
    Boots of Emperor(11).jpg C Boots of Emperor ALL 7 Dark Attribute Resistance +10 Available Information
  • How to get the item: Shortcut
  • ※ Some item information may change depending on the update of the game.