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▶ Quest

  • Quest is the most common thing in DK. As you progress quests, you will also find useful items and information on the game, as well as the game story of DK Online.

  • DK quests are divided into two types.
  • 1. Scenario Quest

    - Scenario Quest is a type of Quest related to the game’s story.

    - Multiple Quests are linked, also once you complete all quests, you receive much better rewards than Normal Quests.

    - The Quest is indicated exclamation mark with red color.

    2. Normal Quest

    - Normal Quest is indicated exclamation mark with yellow color.

  • You will see the "! " floating on NPC, bulletin board, even on the monster during the game. When you see this, go to the NPC with the exclamation point and press the right button or 'F' key to proceed with the quest.
  • Quest3.png

  • The NPC who is with an exclamation point has the quest.
  • Quest4.png

  • Besides many NPCs with the quest, other NPCs have their own roles.
  • This NPC called 'Lina' has a role to give Blessing of Haste for those who started playing in the Balt Island.
  • So you have to choose one thing between the quest and the Blessing of Haste.
  • You can get quests by clicking on View Quest List displayed in yellow color, and you can receive the blessing of haste by pressing Blessing of Haste displayed in red color.
  • Click on the View Quest List displayed in yellow color to proceed to the next step.
  • Quest5.png

  • You can see the quest of the Beginning of the Journey with an exclamation mark. She said I'm having trouble getting my shipwrecked.
  • Quest6.png

  • If you click on the quest 'Beginning of the Journey', you can also find the quest information about Beginning of the Journey and find quest rewards.
  • If you click 'Accept' on this screen, you will receive a quest and various rewards in return for the quest.
  • If you have received the quest, you can view the quest window by clicking the icon like the scrolled document or by using the quest window hotkey (L, J).
  • Quest7.png

  • You can open the quest window at any time. If you click the checkbox in front of the quest tab, you can see the quest notification window on the right side. Quest alerts tell you at a glance how far you have progressed.
  • Quest8.png

  • Minimap always shows exclamation points and question marks.
  • If you have difficulty with viewing, use the map hotkey [M] to see the map from above, and the area that leads to the quest will be displayed as spherical.
  • Quest9.png

  • If there is more than one quest, it will be color-coded.
  • If all the conditions of the quest are met, "! "will be changed "? ", and you can acquire other quest reward items depending on the quest.
  • Quest10.png

  • Please note that some quests can be rewarded by choosing an item depending on the quest.
  • Quest11.png

  • Among general quests, there are [Daily] quests can be repeated once a day. The daily quest reset time is 24:00.
  • Quest12.png

  • [Daily] Quests can be received from bulletin boards or NPCs of the metropolis (Laden, Chronobe, Redisse, and Emtland) for each level.
  • Go to check items that can be changed by the Token of Adventurer.
  • When you run DK online quests, you can get a lot of Florin, EXP, and special rewards such as transports, items.
  • Why don't you take your adventure with a quest today?