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▶ Shield

  • The shield that can be worn when using a longsword item has the high shield. Also, you have a Shield Defense option.higher attack power than the longsword.
  • Image Grade Item Name Class Defense Effect Crafting Enchant Information
    17Bronze Shield.png F Bronze Shield ALL 0 Shield Defense +2 - Information
    18Chain Shield.png E Chain Shield ALL 1 Additional Defenses from All Monsters +1, Shield Defense +4 Available Information
    19Shield of Predator.png D Shield of Predator ALL 4 Shield Defense +10 Available Information
    21Kakku’s Shield.png D Kakku’s Shield ALL 5 Shield Defense +13 - Information
    22Chilling Shield of Predator.png C Chilling Shield of Predator ALL 6 Shield Defense +13,Water Attribute Resistance +10 Available Information
    24Shield of Abyss.PNG C Shield of Abyss ALL 6 Slow Resistance +2, Freeze Resistance +2, Shield Defense +15 Available Information
    25Shield of Nightmare.png C Shield of Nightmare ALL 6 Shield Defense +15 Available Information
  • How to get the item: Shortcut
  • ※ Some item information may change depending on the update of the game.