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1. Character Basic Information Tab

It is able to check character's level, HP, MP and class mark.

2. RP Gauge

The Rage Gauge will be raised after killing a monster. It is able to use the Rage skill when the gauge is charged enough.

3. PK Status

It is able to set the player's forced attack to "on/off" with button.

4. Buff Information

It is able to check the character's given buff information.

5. Premium Point

It is able to check the premium point and buy the various reward item with accumulated premium point.
It is able to check the premium point and to buy the various reward item with the accumulated premium point.

6. Mini Map

A map which displays requisite information around the character.

7. Region Information

An icon which displays information about the character 's location now.

8. PC Cafe Buff effect (newly-organized)

It is able to check the information about Premium PC cafe buff, DK premium buff, Dione's bless, so on.

9. Quest Display

A window which displays the quest information held by the character now.

10. Expanded Quick Slot

It is expanded quick slot that can be used after adding in Configuration.

11. Chat Window

It is a chat window that possible to communicate with other players. The chat window divided by 5 taps(Normal/ Party/ Guild/ Class/ System)

12. Weight and Inventory Information

It is able to check weight information and item number currently.

13. EXP Bar

Exp point acquired by character is displayed as a bar form.

14. Quick Slot

It is a small slot. It is able to put the skill and items on the slot by drag & drop.
It is able to use the registered icon by 1~= number keys and F1~F12 function keys on keyboard.

15. System Menu

It is a function to pop up the game system menu (Soul enchant, DK shop, UI edit button, character information, so on)

16. Pop up TIP

It is a pop-up message that informs useful information to users in cycles.

17. Florins Information

It is able to check Florins easily that the user has.

Transformation Weapon Icon

  • You can find the info about transformation when placing the cursor on the transformation list.
  • Transform weapon1.png

  • The red information indicated at the bottom of the tab is unwearable weapon.
    If you equipped with bow and transform to the monster which cannot equip the bow, will be unarmored the bow.
  • Transformation is no limits depending on classes.

  • Meaning of icons is below.
  • ICON Description
    Transform weapon2.png Unwearable Helm
    Transform weapon3.png Unwearable Armor
    Transform weapon4.png Unwearable Gloves
    Transform weapon5.png Unwearable Boots
    Transform weapon6.png Unwearable Shield
    Transform weapon7.png Unwearable Longsword
    Transform weapon8.png Unwearable Greatsword
    Transform weapon9.png Unwearable Staff
    Transform weapon10.png Unwearable Bow

    Armor Icon


  • In case of weapon, armor, accessory, consumables, and so on, there is the indication of useable and wearable depending upon classes.

  • Meaning of Icons is below.
  • ICON Description
    ArmorIcon2.png Warrior is useable/wearable
    ArmorIcon3.png Paladin is useable/wearable
    ArmorIcon4.png Sorceress is useable/wearable
    ArmorIcon5.png Warlock is useable/wearable
    ArmorIcon6.png Archer is useable/wearable

  • If there is no icon of your class, that item will be unavailable and unwearable.
  • Ex)

    →Warrior, Paladin are useable/wearable


  • This icon indicates the weight of item. It takes up the weight of the inventory to the indicated weight.
  • * The items being worn also take up the weight of the inventory.


  • The information at the top of the right corner of the armor item means the basic stat of the item. This stat will increase if you strengthen the item.
  • ArmorIcon12.png

  • This is the additional stats value of the item.
  • There are some items with increased additional stats, and some items that not increase when enchanting.

    Enchant fluctuation value of additional stats can be confirmed from item information.


  • At the bottom of the tooltip, displayed the content that cannot be manipulated.
  • The contents that differ depending on the item are as follows.

    - Trading
    - Enchantment
    - Disintegrate
    - Character storage
    - Account storage
    - Guild storage
    - Drop (field)
    - Delete (Trash Bin in Inventory)

    Monster Target UI


  • DK Online’s monster has a type. After targetting the monster, you can see the Icon on the left side of UI. It contains information about the monster type.

    Mtarget2.png Beast-Type
    Mtarget3.png Undead-Type
    Mtarget5.png Elemental-Type
    Mtarget6.png Demon-Type
  • Check each monster’s type and use proper Magical Catalyst. Then you can easily hunt monsters.