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Quest Guide for Level 1 to 10

▶ Quest Guide for Level 1 to 10

When you create the character and enter the DK Online, you can meet the Balt Island first.

The quest level section of Balt Island is from level 1 to level 10.

The very first thing you have to do is just growing up your character to level 10 by hunting at the Balt Island.

You can grow up to level 10 fastly by finishing the quest.

And you can also acquire the equipments, enchant scrolls, and healing potion via quest rewards.

Healing potion can be obtained via store(ex - novelty merchant). But in this level section, it might be hard to buy this potion with Florins.

So keep these healing potions in your inventory.

You can teleport to Auteri Continent for free when finish the Scenario quest, so don't forget to clear the quest of Balt Island.

Sub Quest is not necessary to proceed. but you can obtain some helpful items via sub quest.

▶ Moving line for quest

▣ Main Quest

Lina(Finding a Village) -> Negua(Curing Patient Stung by Bees) -> Leo(Cow’s Hide) -> Xavier(Annoying Kobold Mob) -> Pluto(Dealing with Wolves at the Entrance of the Village)

-> Light(The Only Novelty Shop in the Village) -> Elena(Request of Elena) -> Jeromis(How Should We Reduce the Number of Spiders?) -> Lloyd(Eliminate Chameleons) -> Kazel(Orc in Pit of Plunder)

-> Lank(To Redisse City [1]) -> Clark(To Redisse City [2])

Balt Island.png

▣ Sub Quest

Negua(Clearing North Gremlins) -> Gran(Drive out Those Bees) -> Crudy(Watch Your Back!) -> Xavier(A Pillow Made of Feathers) -> Garcia(Wolf's Heart the Health Food) -> Jeromis(Gelt Spiders’ Eggs)

-> Oliver(A Powerful Creation) -> Jeramis(Protecting Ancient Ruins) -> Sayed(Remains of Ancient Ruins) -> Kazel(Slippy’s Mischief) -> Verdin(Lumberjack of Balt Forest)