Consignment Store

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Consignment Store

▶ What is the Consignment store?

  • The consignment store is a system that can sell items on behalf of you and buy items someone registered.

  • ▶ Purchase

  • Find out the consignment store NPC in town and talk.
  • Consignment1.png

  • When the store window is active, select the main category and then click the search button after entering the desired item name.
  • Consignment2.png

  • After purchasing the item at the price you want, you can check it in the inventory of the consignment store window.
  • Consignment3.png

    ▶ Sale

  • Find out the consignment store NPC in town and talk.
  • When the Sale window is active, click the Sale tab and right-click on the desired item in the inventory.
  • (SHIFT + right click when dividing quantity)



  • After entering the desired quantity and price, click the "sale" button to start selling.
  • Consignment6.png

  • When the item is sold, you can find it at the inventory and find florin at the bottom of the inventory.
  • Consignment7.png