Creating a Character

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Creating a character

▶ Character Select Tab

  • If you want to create your character, click the "Create" button.

  • Character1.png

  • Select 1 tribe you want among the 5 tribes.

  • Character2.png

    ※ You can check the detail about tribes via this steps. Homepage > Game Information > Tribes

    ▶ Customizing


  • Select face, hair style, wing, face decoration, and so on what you want.
  • If you select Character's class and name, lastly click the "Create" button.
  • Detailed information about the classes can be found on here: Homepage> Game Information> Introduction to Classes

  • ▶ Completed character creation


  • If you created a character, click the ‘Start’ button at the below of page, you can enter to Gameworld.