Obtaining a Material Item

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Obtaining a Material Item

▶ Obtaining a Material Item

  • To combine items, you must first find the material item. Material items that appear in DK can be obtained by hunting monsters.
  • Material Item1.png Material Item2.png

  • The various drop items you can get for monsters can be found in the Entire Craft Material.

  • ▶ Materials Box

  • In addition to hunting, you can also obtain material items.
  • When you reach level 45, you can get a box of various equipment-producing materials by going through the daily quest of NPC Kalba in Redisse City.
  • 이미지 420.png

  • NPC Kalba exchanges the platinum bullion into various equipment box.
  • Material Item4.png

  • If you complete all five of [Daily] quests, you can get the following items for each.
  • Material Item5.png Material Item6.png

    Material Item7.png Material Item8.png

  • Another quest is to go to 'Nadkath Island' where you can enter into the Time Dungeon of the entrance at level 45,
  • and you can get various grade box items by proceeding with Dunhill's [Daily] quest.

    Time Dungeon2.png

    Time Dungeon3.png

  • NPC Dunhill's quest is to collect gems from Nadkath, which you can easily collect by performing quests from Nadkath Island .
  • Nadkath quests.png

  • When you complete the NPC Dunhill's Quest, you can earn the 'Dunhill's Treasure Box Key'. Double-click on 'Dunhill's Treasure Box Key' to get one of four equipment boxes randomly.
  • Nadkath Gem.png Nadkath Key.png

    Material Item5.png Material Item6.png

    Material Item7.png Material Item8.png

  • [Daily] Quest For more information on Dunhill's treasure box, please see here.