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▶ Mailbox


  • The mailbox is a system that I can receive and send a letter with other characters.
  • The mailbox can be found easily in each City and village, also Teleport NPC.

  • ▶ Mailbox

    Mailbox1.png Mailbox3.png

  • You cannot attach items and Florins when you send or receive a letter in a mailbox.
  • Whenever send a letter should pay per 100 Florin fees, and when you use the guild mailbox, should pay for 1,000Florin fees.
  • The letters which not receive or unread announce through the icon nearby minimap.
  • Letters are kept for 30 days and will be automatically deleted when the period expires.
  • There are a total of 48 letters that can be stored in the mailbox. Once the mailbox is full, you will no longer be able to receive mail.
  • (However, you can receive game supplies such as compensation/ coupon/ event item.)

    ▶ Notice for using a guild mailbox

    Mailbox4.png Mailbox5.png

  • Guild mayor can send letters to guild members in bulk using guild letters.