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▶What is the alliance?

  • According to guild expansion concept, up to five guilds can be allied.

  • ▶Requirements for Establishing Alliance

  • You can create an alliance through the guild NPCs in each metropolis.
  • Level 5 or higher Guild members can only apply.
  • The cost of forming an alliance is 2,500,000 Florin.
  • Alliance chief who generated alliance has recruitment rights to gather 4 guilds over 4th level. (Total of 5 guilds)

  • ▶Enter the name of the alliance through the Guild Manager NPC in the city and click the confirm button.

    Alliance1.1.png Alliance1.2.png

    ▶Alliance Information UI Configuration

  • You can check the alliance information by selecting the Alliance tab in the guild window.
  • If you are not in the alliance, the tab button is disabled and cannot be used.
  • Alliance announcements can only be made by an alliance leader and can be up to 512 characters.
  • Alliance announcements can be freely registered without restrictions such as symbols, English, and spacing.

  • ▶How to invite alliances?

  • On the Alliance tab, select the invite button and enter the name of the guild to invite.
  • Alliance2.png

    ▶Alliance Title

  • Alliance titles are applied to all members of the alliance.
  • When applying an alliance title, you can not register a personal title or guild title.
  • Title priority: 1. Alliance > 2. Guild > 3. Individual
  • The title can be re-registered after 5 minutes.

  • ▶Alliance Chat

  • Alliance Chat can be used when pressing Shift + &.
  • You can add alliances in chat options.
  • Alliance3.png

    ▶Alliance Guild Siege Rules

  • Siege /Castle Defense is applied/progressed by each guild, so even if you are an alliance guild, you can become an enemy.

  • ▶Expel the Alliance

  • You can ban the alliance guild without online/offline.
  • The authority of deportation is given only to the alliance leader.
  • Guilds that are deported from the alliance cannot join the alliance for 12 hours.

  • ▶Leaving the alliance

  • Alliance leader cannot leave.
  • Alliance Guild members can only request the withdrawal.
  • A guild that has left the alliance cannot join the alliance for 12 hours.

  • ▶Alliance dissolution

  • You can apply for disbanding the alliance through the guild manager NPC in each city.
  • Application for disbanding the alliance is possible only for the alliance leader.
  • Disbanding the alliance will take effect immediately upon application.
  • Alliance can be dissolved even if there are guilds joined to the alliance.
  • Once the disbanding is complete, you can reuse the dissolved alliance name.