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▶ Cloak

  • The cloak has an option to increase your armor and magic defense.
  • Image Grade Item Name Class Defense Effect Crafting Enchant Information
    8Cloak of Mana.jpg C Cloak of Mana Sorceress
    1 Magic Defense +3, MP Regeneration +3 - Information
    9Magic Resistance Cloak.jpg D Magic Resistance Cloak ALL 1 Magic Defense +10 - Information
    10Scale Cloak.jpg D Scale Cloak ALL 1 Magic Defense +1 Available Information
    11Cloak of Satyr.jpg C Cloak of Satyr ALL 2 Constitution +1, Max HP +50, HP Regeneration+2 Available Information
    12Cloak of Defense.jpg C Cloak of Defense Warrior
    2 Magic Defense +3 - Information
    13Cloak of Corruption.jpg C Cloak of Corruption ALL 3 Magic Defense +6 Available Information
    14Cloak of Wind.jpg C Cloak of Wind ALL 3 Magic Defense +3, Wind Attribute Resistance +5 Available Information
    17Golden Cloak.jpg B Golden Cloak ALL 4 - Available Information
    18Cloak of the Guardian.jpg C Cloak of the Guardian ALL 4 - - Information
  • How to get the item: Shortcut
  • ※ Some item information may change depending on the update of the game.