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▶ Explanation of simple control in a game (keyboard "H" button)


▶ Keybindings

Quick Slot F1 ~ F12, 1~0, -, = Answer the whisper T
Menu / Cancel ESC Speech balloon Hide/Show Shift + T
Move Key W, S, A, D PK Mode ON/OFF Ctrl + X
Automatic Run R, NumLock Navigation N
UI Tab Hide/Show Ctrl + Z Check Ranking & Title V
Next Target Tab Item Enchantment U
NPC Conversation / Pick F Guild G
Keyboard Setting H Inventory B, I
Transformation P Skill K
Setting O World Map M
Quest Tab J, L Private Store Show/Hide Shift + Y
Private Store Y Search Private Store Ctrl + Y
Action Tab X Character Tab C
UI Tab Setting Hotkey Shift + F12 Chat + Enter
Attribute Enchant Ctrl + U Jump Space

Party Settings
Select yourself Alt + ' Select Party Member 1 Alt + 1
Select Party Member 2 Alt + 2 Select Party Member 3 Alt + 3
Select Party Member 4 Alt + 4 Select Party Member 5 Alt + 5
Select Party Member 6 Alt + 6