Magic doll

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▶ Magic doll

  • If you use the Magic doll items, They will give you continuous buff.
  • You can use it by double-clicking the magic doll which is located in cash inventory.

  • ▶ Magic doll

    Image Item Name Effect How to Get
    1Magic Rag Doll (30 Days).png Magic Rag Doll (30 Days) SP+2, Recovers 10 MP per 30 seconds DK Shop
    2Magic Doll-Lion(30 Days).png Magic Doll: Lion (30 Days) Melee Attack+3, Ranged Attack+3 DK Shop
    3Magic Doll-Racoon (30 Days).png Magic Doll: Racoon (30 Days) Defense+2 DK Shop
    4Magic Doll-Blowfish (30 Days).png Magic Doll: Blowfish (30 Days) Critical+2, Max HP+30, Max MP+20 DK Shop
    5Magic Doll-Snake (30 Days).png Magic Doll: Snake (30 Days) EXP+20%\nMax Carrying Weight+100 DK Shop