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Secondary password

▶ Setting secondary password

  • By setting a Secondary password, it can keep your account safe from hacking.
  • When you select the game character, the secondary password setting pop-up page appears.
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  • After setting a Secondary password, you should be required the Secondary password when entering the game.
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  • If you try the wrong password more than 5 times, your account will be restricted.
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  • Change the password through resetting the password.

  • ※ If you have trouble with secondary password five times and can't start, follow our policy.

    Following this step [DK Online Homepage > SUPPORT > Submit a request], you can submit the ticket for resetting the password.
    After resetting, you can set the secondary password again.

    Secondary password 3.3.PNG

    Secondary password 4 (2).png

    ※ When you have trouble with secondary password error suddenly?

  • We are worried about account steal. Go to homepage right away, password and Quiz confirmed yourself, after changing Email address, allot danger of account steal via Center.
  • After resetting Secondary password, enter our game, reset the secondary password.