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What is PVP?

  • PvP is the combat between player and player. Players can judge the strength of players by this competition system.

  • PVP-enabled condition

  • DK Online has attribution which allows PK(Player Kill) from level 1.
  • Generally, DK Online has hardcore but users don't have PK Contents until level 25.

  • Starting PVP



  • Make into the forced attackable status by clicking the sword shape icon under the HP/MP status or pressing the Ctrl + X button. PvP can be also started by clicking the enemy player while pressing the Ctrl button.

  • PVP possible area

    Sort Region Icon PVP setting Battle Penalty
    Safe Region Safe region.gif Impossible None
    Normal Region Normal region.gif Possible Apply each server
    Battle Region Battle Reigion.gif Possible None
  • When you kill an enemy player during PVP, you gain the right battle penalty depending on server’s property(normal server/combat server).
  • You don’t get the battle penalty in the Siege.
  • In Guild war and siege, the enemy’s characters are marked a battle automatically.
  • the character under 25 level can’t proceed the PvP and PK.

  • Self-defense Status

  • When player forcibly attack the other player where the Siege is not ongoing, the player’s status is changed to self-defense status. This status makes the color of the character’s nickname to be purple.
  • The self-defense character can attack other player automatically even it didn’t turn on the forcibly attack option. And the inclination value is also not decreased.
  • If you are not forcibly attacking, the self-defense status is removed after 15 sec.
  • Players can’t give the burf or ranged buff to self-defense character. Only can give the debuff or attack with skill.