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▶Guild Heraldry

  • The guild leader who has an authority of heraldry registration or the guild members who received heraldry registration rights can register/apply/change a heraldry.
  • Guild heraldry can be registered in the guild over 3 levels.
  • Heraldry Priority: 1. Alliance > 2. Guild.
  • The heraldry can be re-registered after 5 minutes.

  • ▶Alliance Heraldry

  • Alliance Heraldry can be only registered/applied/changed by alliance leader.
  • The heraldry can be re-registered after 5 minutes.

  • ▶Heraldry Registration

  • The heraldry must be stored in a specific folder where the game is installed.
  • Designated path Library \Document \My Games \DKOnline \Mark
  • Heraldry Information
  •  - Resolution: RGB Color 32-Bit
     - Size: Width 20/Height 14 (pixel),only files less than 1 ~ 4 KB can be registered.
     - File attributes: TGA, BMP file
  • Guild window (shortcut key G)> Guild settings> Guild menu> Heraldry> and select the desired mark from the list and click the "Register" button.
  • Heraldry.png