Storehouse Password

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Storehouse Password

▶ How to set the Storehouse Password?

  • By setting the Storehouse Password, prevent to use your Storehouse from others.
  • Click the "Storehouse Password" through the NPC who is located each village.
  • Storehouse Password1.png

  • Set the Storehouse Password.
  • If you set the Password, should require password whenever using the Storehouse.
  • Storehouse Password2.png

    ▶ Reset the Storehouse Password

  • You can set the password again through 'Storehouse Password' setting.
  • Storehouse Password3.png

  • Through "Storehouse Password Setting", you can reset password.
  • Storehouse Password4.png

    ▶ When you forgot the Storehouse Password

  • Follow this step to complete the reset process, [DK Online Homepage > SUPPORT > Submit a request]. After resetting, you can set the storehouse password again.
  • Secondary password 3.3.PNG

    Secondary password 4 (2).png