Attribute Enchant

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Attribute Enchant

▶ What is ‘Attribute’?

  • Attribute is a system that can enchant specific attributes of equipments. You can gain additional damage when attacking weak monsters(or target) with enchanted attributes.

  • ▶ Type of Attribute

  • There are six kinds of attributes, which are Wind Attribute, Water Attribute, Holy Attribute, Dark Attribute, Earth Attribute, and Fire Attribute.
  • Only Wind Attribute is available now.
  • ▶ Attribute Enchant

    Wind stone.png Water stone.png Holy stone.png Dark stone.png Earth stone.png Fire stone.png

  • It is a function that strengthens the attributes of weapons by using Attribute Stone.

  • ▶ How to enchant Attribute?

  • By pressing 'Ctrl + U' to bring up the attribute enchant window. In the Inventory window, right-click the Attribute Stone, Granting Rock, and the Extracting Stone and the related attribute enchant tab will appear.
  • Through the attribute enchant tab, you can enhance the weapon which wants to strengthen by putting attribute stone and clicking "Attribute Enchant" button.
  • Attributes Weapons and attribute stone which can be enhanced by right-clicking, double-clicking, or dragging in the inventory window to activate the "Attribute Enchant" button when moving to the attribute enchant window.
  • Attribute Enchant.JPG

  • Add the weapon which you want to strengthen.
  • Attribute Enchant2.jpg

  • Put the attribute stone with the weapon you want to enhance
  • Attribute Enchant3.jpg

  • If the attribute enchant succeeds, the following weapons are created.
  • Attribute Enchant4.jpg

  • A weapon that has been strengthened will only be enchanted with the same attribute stone. If you combine other attributes, the following message will appear.
  • Attribute Enchant5.jpg