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▶ What is 'Enchant'?

  • Enchant is a system that strengthens equipment items such as weapons, armor.
  • When you reach a certain Enchant value, the appearance of the item changes or a graphic effect is given.
  • Weapon magic scroll or armor magic scroll are required.

  • ▶ Enchant Method

  • Execute the Enchant window.
  • Press ESC key for [Menu] -> [Enhant Item] or press [U] key to execute Enchant window.



  • When the enchant window is activated, register the item to be reinforced and the Enchant magic scroll.
  • Enchant3.png

  • After confirming the commission, enchant begins.
  • Enchant4.png Enchant5.png

  • Check the result
  • Enchant6.png

    ▶ Notes

  • Weighing gauge 10% or more and 1 slot or more can be enchanted.
  • Enchant figures determine the success rate and whether or not to destroy items.
  • Item Enchant Grade Success Ratio of Enchant Item Destroy Ratio on Failure
    Weapon 1~6 100% Success Not Failed
    7~12 Enchant Failure Possible Destroy on failure
    Armor 1~4 100% Success Not Failed
    5~9 Enchant Failure Possible Destroy on failure
    Accessory 1~2 100% Success Not Failed
    3~8 Enchant Failure Possible Destroy on failure