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▶ What is the Achievement?

  • Achievement is a system where you can enjoy various contents of DK Online and achieve goals to obtain valuable rewards.
  • The challenges you can perform increase depending on the character's level.
  • Challenges can only be performed on Steam season server.

  • ▶ How to enjoy Achievement

  • Click the 'achievement' icon at the bottom of the main screen to run.
  • Achievement 01.png

  • You can easily check the overall progress in the achievement window.

  • Detailed information can be checked by selecting each item.
  • Achievement 02.png

    ▶ Achievement Window Description

  • You can check the progress in the window that appears after clicking the achievement Icon.
  • Achievement 03.png

     1. Achievement Content
      You can check the detailed information by clicking on each content.
     2. Achievement name
     The title of the achievement. The minimum level to complete the challenge is also displayed.
     3. Achievement points
     Indicates the points earned for that achievement.
     4. Completed Achievement
     Challenges that have earned all points will be grayed out and will be placed at the back.

    Achievement 04.png

  • When you select an item, you can check the conditions and rewards for achieving the task.
  •  1. Reward Item
     These are reward items that can be acquired by completing challenges.
     The icon is activated when a certain number of points are reached and is displayed as a gray icon after receipt.
     2. Claim Button
     This button is for receiving reward items.
     3. Achievement Points
     Indicates the points earned for the current achievement. You can receive rewards according to the points you have earned.
     4. Subtasks
     A sub-task to achieve the score of the selected list.
     A subheading, an explanation to achieve, and the number of points that can be obtained upon achievement are displayed.
     The achievement rate for each task is displayed, and the completed content is placed at the end.

    ▶ How to receive the achievement rewards

  • When you reach a certain score in Challenge, you can receive a reward item.
  • After clicking the 'Claim' button, you can receive the reward by clicking the icon of the item you want in the reward selection window.
  • Achievement 05.png

  • If you do not have enough points, a point shortage message will be displayed, and you will not be able to receive rewards.
  • Achievement 06.png

    ▶ Premium Rewards

  • Achievement rewards are divided into normal rewards and premium rewards.
  • Premium rewards can be received using premium points, and items with high enchant levels are paid.
  • Press the reset button on the right to receive premium rewards again.
  •  1. Premium Rewards
     2. Premium Reward Reset Button

    Achievement 07.png

    ▶ Achievement Notice

  • For general reward items, the reward receipt history cannot be reset. Please be careful when receiving rewards.
  • You must have the Premium Achievement Reward Reset Ticket item in your inventory to reset the premium reward.
  • Achievements with premium rewards are account-shared properties. All characters in the account share progress and whether or not to receive rewards, so please be careful when receiving premium rewards.
  • Premium rewards are non-tradable items.