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Server Guide

▶ What is a Standard Server?

  • “Standard Server” is an integrated server that can be accessed from the Masanggames launcher, JC Planet launcher, and Steam.
    You can enjoy all content except for achievements and season server-exclusive content.

  • ▶ What is a Season Server?

  • "Season Server" is an easy-growing server that is integrated into the Standard Server after a certain period of service according to the new content update theme.
    It can only be accessed through Steam, and you can enjoy content unique to the season server, such as achievements and DLC.

  • ▶ Season Server

  • Season property: The service runs only for a certain period.
  • - The season server is characterized by starting and ending servers at irregular intervals.

  • Achievement Property: You can perform achievements that fit the updated content.
  • - Some of the completed achievements will be registered as Steam achievements.

  • Transfer Property: After the end of the season, the data of the grown season character is transferred to the standard server.
  • - At the end of the season, all characters and items included in the account will be transferred to the standard server. - After the move, only 5 characters will be left and the rest will be deleted.

    ▶ Others

  • The season server can only be accessed via Steam.
  • DLC can only be purchased on Steam, and can only be used on the season server.