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▶ Belt

  • The belt doesn't increase your armor, but it increases your maximum weight.
  • Image Grade Item Name Class Max Carrying Weight Effect Crafting Enchant Information
    1Rakku’s Belt.jpg D Rakku’s Belt ALL 200 Max HP +30 - -
    2Belt of Harmony.jpg C Belt of Harmony ALL 200 Max HP +30, Max MP+30, MP Regeneration +2 - -
    3Catshoe’s Belt.jpg D Catshoe’s Belt ALL 200 Max MP+30 Available -
    5Toad’s Belt.jpg D Toad’s Belt ALL 200 Max MP+30 - -
    7Shuriel's Champion Belt.jpg C Shuriel's Champion Belt ALL 300 - Available Information
  • How to get the item: Shortcut
  • ※ Some item information may change depending on the update of the game.