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▶ Guarder

  • The Guarder is an item that can be worn when using two-handed weapons, a bow, and a staff. It has options for each class.
  • Image Grade Item Name Class Accuracy Effect Crafting Enchant Information
    1Leather Guarder.png F Leather Guarder ALL 0 Max HP +10 - Information
    2Chain Guarder.png E Chain Guarder ALL 1 Max HP +20, HP Regeneration+1 - Information
    3Guarder of Predator.png D Guarder of Predator Warrior
    1 Melee Attack +1 Available Information
    4Leather Guarder of Predator.png D Leather Guarder of Predator Archers 1 Ranged Attack +1 Available Information
    5Robe Guarder of Predator.png D Robe Guarder of Predator Sorceress
    - MP Regeneration +1, Max MP+20 Available Information
    6Guarder of Life.png C Guarder of Life Warrior
    1 Attack +1, Critical +5 Available Information
    7Leather Guarder of Life.png C Leather Guarder of Life Archers 1 Agility +1, Ranged Attack +1 Available Information
    8Robe Guarder of Life.png C Robe Guarder of Life Sorceress
    - Intelligence +1, Max MP+20 MP Regeneration +1 Available Information
  • How to get the item: Shortcut
  • ※ Some item information may change depending on the update of the game.