Guild Dungeon

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Guild Dungeon

▶ What is a Guild Dungeon?

  • The guild dungeon can be entered with guild members, and raid groups can be formed and played.
  • The currently available guild dungeon is 'Forgotten Dungeon'.

  • ▶ Guild Dungeon Entry Conditions

  • Guild level 5 or higher must be applied.
  • All participating guild members have a 'Purified Sign'.

  • ▶ How to obtain the Sealed Purified Sign

  • Purified Sign is an entry ticket to the Guild Dungeon, and if you use ‘Sealed Purified Sign’, it will be activated in the cash inventory for an hour.
  • You can craft a Sealed Purified Sign from NPC Credyl in front of Cleve Cathedral.
  • Guild Dungeon01.png

  • Materials required for Sealed Purified Sign: Corrupt Sign + 50,000 Florins.
  • Corrupt Sign can be obtained from monsters in the Swamp of Grief.
  • Guild Dungeon02.png

    ▶ Process of the Guild Dungeon Entry

  • A guild member who with application authority applies for admission to NPC Credyl.
  • If you click Guild Dungeon, you can open the dungeon by selecting the levels of difficulty.
  • Guild Dungeon03.png

  • To enter the guild dungeon, all participating guild members must use the Sealed Purified Sign to activate the Purified Sign.
  • Guild Dungeon04.png

  • After opening the guild dungeon, go to the Swamp of Grief and enter through the teleport statue there.
  • Guild Dungeon05.png

    ▶Difficulty of Guild Dungeon

  • Guild dungeons have different rules depending on the level of difficulty.
  • If you clear the guild dungeon, you can acquire Booty of Magnus depending on the level of difficulty.
  • The reward item of the dungeon, Booty of Magnus, is paid individually to each guild member's inventory.
  • Guild Dungeon06.png

    ▶Guild Dungeon Precautions

  • Guild dungeon is a content that can be used once a week, and regardless of success, all guilds and characters who have participated in the dungeon cannot re-enter for one week.
  • Please note that cancellation is not possible after guild dungeon application.
  • Booty of Magnus will not be paid in the following situations.
  • 1. No damage to Magnus or no aggro
    2. When the character is dead at the end of the Guild Dungeon
    3. Not in Forgotten Dungeon at the end of Guild Dungeon
    4. If you log off before the end of the guild dungeon.

    Difficulty Completion Reward EXP penalty
    on death
    Teleport Return
    Hard Core Booty of Magnus
    10 EA
    O X X
    Hard Booty of Magnus
    2 EA
    X X X
    Normal Booty of Magnus
    1 EA
    X O O